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We install nothing but the best in Grade 1 Lock Protection

High security locks are a grade 1 rated, protection from vandalism, durability under heavy usage and other considerations are important, the greater strength of Grade 1 locks makes them the suitable choice for demanding applications. The UL437 rating Parts must maintain a high degree of tolerance and uniformity. This is especially important with regard to bittings.

Locks must be constructed of brass, bronze, stainless steel or an equivalent corrosion-resistant material. Plus, Needs to be able to resist lockpicking. Impressioning, Forced Entry, Forcing (torsion), Drilling, Prying, Pulling, Punching and Sawing.

The material used to make the lock is an important factor. Can it resist an attempt to saw it off using a hacksaw? Deadbolts are the best and strongest component for an exterior door. Again, it should be made of quality material, a strike box to go into the frame along with long screws that will tie into the fame work of the building.


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